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Mental Health Resources For Faith Leaders

Mental Health Resources for Faith Leaders

Because religion and spirituality often play a vital role in healing, people experiencing mental health concerns often turn first to a faith leader. As such, clergy are often gatekeepers or “first responders” when individuals and families face trauma, mental health or substance use problems. In this important role, clergy can help dispel misunderstandings, reduce stigma associated with mental illness and treatment, and facilitate access to care and support for those in need. Experience and research clearly show that the faith community is a critical touchpoint and recovery resource. Faith leaders across the nation and the world have responded with hope, help and healing.

Below you will find a set of downloadable resources specifically for faith leaders from diverse spiritual traditions, including:

  • A list of online resources, readings, and training opportunities
  • Action steps: things you can do to make a difference
  • A quick reference guide of mental health conditions, including addiction
  • A comprehensive guide for faith leaders
  • A flyer in English and Spanish with information about how to access a Crisis Intervention Team trained first responder in an emergency.

To request a Mental Health First Aid or Mental Health Awareness training in Illinois, please visit here.

For more information about hosting a conversation about these issues in your community, please visit here.

Download (PDF, 110KB)

Download (PDF, 74KB)


Download (PDF, 412KB)

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