Accomplishments & Next Steps: September 2015
September 29, 2015

The Kennedy Forum in Illinois was launched in November 2014. In 10 short months we have learned much, accomplished much, and planned big. The summary attached details how far we have come, and our plans for the coming year. We’ve pulled out our next steps for you here:

Elevate and improve the quality of the public discourse and mass media coverage of mental health and addiction.

  • Host the 2nd Annual Forum and Gala
  • Fund and launch Reframing Mental Health in the Media Project
  • Host a State of the State address

Ensure equal access and coverage of mental health and substance use disorder care.

  • Include an Illinois Parity workshop at the November 11 Forum
  • Commission a cost-savings analysis
  • Convene a Parity Leadership Group in Illinois
  • Map out an effective Consumer Education Campaign

Advance integration, coordination of behavioral health care and prevention into the general primary care medical system and advance quality.

  • Provide an Integration Workshop during the November 11 Forum
  • Convene a Leadership Group in Illinois to identify shared objectives and progress measures and map a plan to advance integration and measurement-based care in Illinois.

Leverage innovation and technology to advance and improve mental health/addiction interventions and integration.

  • On November 10, we will convene a technology meeting at MATTER to gather information from stakeholders about the state of the art, the barriers and opportunities in behavioral health technology

Give children the best chance to succeed in life by addressing brain health at an early age.

  • The November 11 Forum will feature a discussion about early childhood brain development, the latest science and how it can help us give Illinois children the best chance to thrive

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