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Making it easier for people to find care.

Using public data, we’re connecting people in Chicago with over 300 resources* and working to expand service listings statewide.

  • Find what you need. More than 300 services in the City of Chicago; filterable by age, location, service and more.
  • Save time. Connect can save up to 30 min per clinician referral.
  • Get critical information. Languages spoken, payments accepted, eligibility requirements and more.
  • Lower costs. Enrolling an individual in mental health care lowers their healthcare costs by 15% (Milliman)

Features include:

  • Counseling and community mental health providers
  • Addiction treatment, services and 12 Step Programs
  • 1-click HelpLine for immediate support

Help for anyone affected by mental illness:

  • For clinical staff & first responders, easy reference to local resources
  • For individuals, families & loved ones, access to knowledge and support
  • For anyone wanting to help someone in need. There’s no other application  like this in Chicago… or the state of Illinois.

*Powered by Purple Binder

With support we plan to:
• provide service listings statewide
• expand the type of services listed

For more information about how you can help support and improve this tool, please contact:

The Connect app has also partnered with The Campaign to Change Direction to provide information to help ‘Know the Five Signs’ that may mean someone is in emotional pain and might need help.

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